My name is Aziliz or Yaz when I draw and Cécile ROUZAY when I write...



Emilie Hastings, a young teacher, spends her summertime alone in her grand-aunt's old house inTorquay, England.
She quickly faces with strange phenomenons...The smell of a lemon pie, voices coming from the house, surfers diseappering before her very eyes, and that is just a beginning...

Emilie will try to solve those mysteries making her discret inquiries between two ages and in her family's history. What will she discover ? Will she flee again her present by immersing herself in that past ? Even if she risks to forget herself ?
Past sometimes offers unexpected surprises.

This suspense novel makes fantastic almost normal and reality a little strange. For all public (age 13 and over).



(Musical show)

Vincent arrives in Paradise, a strange cabaret where Blacks Angels and White Angels sing him welcome.
But far from a Broadway Hall, Vincent discovers that he is dead and is in THE real Heaven.
During his visit, he will meet different people : his dad, his soul mate...and even Marylin Monroe.
But Heaven is also the place of all the truths and answers...Vincent will learn a lot about his own story and about himself.
Will he be able to accept the entire truth ? ...And to forgive ?

Even then this Heaven sounds crazy, a deep message of tolerance, forgiveness ans hope is given in "Heaven then ?".


"DRACULA the classical musical"

Musical show inspired by Bram Stoker's novel
with songs and libretto written on classical musics from the best romantic East European composers.

The French and the English version are available.

LINK : http://draculatheclassicalmusical.com/


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